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NBA Jam: 2019/20 Preview Edition

I was never a big video gamer. This meant that fantasy-style games were not really fun to me (obvious exception: Mario Kart), and technical, realistic games (like NBA 2K series) were too difficult for me. But NBAJam met all the … Continue reading

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Questions (and some answers) About Communion

As previously announced, we have decided to have our Good Friday Communion on Good Friday (4/3 @6:30pm). However, we are doing some things a little differently this time, and I’ve received a number of questions…so I thought I’d tackle them … Continue reading

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Elder Leadership Class

Greenville Grace will be offering another “Elder Leadership Study.” This class if required for any man at Grace who would want to become an elder, but is highly recommended for all men. It’s a great study to help you understand … Continue reading

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TBB: For the Sake of (Our) Fellowship

My last post explained my pastoral motivations for my review. My primary calling is to our specific local congregation. However, as a member of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, our ministry extends beyond our own walls. A quick google … Continue reading

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Book Review: Has the Church Replaced Israel?

Has the Church Replaced Israel? A Theological Evaluation Michael J Vlach B&H Publishing Group; 210 pages As I continue working through my stack of books on the issue of Dispensationalism and Covenantalism, this one caught my eye. The title presents … Continue reading

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Don’t Surrender Submission

When I first began blogging, I would blog about anything I thought of. Every time an issue seemed to hit “mainstream” with evangelicalism, I thought I’d throw in my voice. But you very quickly learn somethings: There are others who … Continue reading

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Looking at Commitment

The case for a divorced and remarried couple to be in “perpetual adultery” is weak from Matthew 19:9 (at best) and missing from the rest of Scripture as well. You simply can’t find other passages that support the idea that … Continue reading

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Pastor: Be a “Scalabrine”

How many players from the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics can you name? There was the big three: Pierce, Garnett & Allen. There were up and coming stars like Perkins & Rondo. There were even role-player-defenders like James Posey. But … Continue reading

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The Ridiculous Rapid Rate of our Electronic Age

About 6 months ago, a brother emailed me with a question. I answered back after about four hours, and he replied with, “Thank you for your quick reply.” Already concerned that I left this man waiting for my answer, I … Continue reading

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Porterbrook Invitation for All

  Just last week we finalized the details to be involved in the Porterbrook Network. We’re excited by this opportunity as we continue to train and invest in people with the message of the gospel. We see Porterbrook as an … Continue reading

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