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Why I’m Growing Proud…and I’m OK With It

About a month ago, both of my youngest children received similar recognition from their school. My wife and I were informed by letters that came to us. Like any parent, when the letter arrives “To the parents of…” and the … Continue reading

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Caricature in Chief

For the month of October, I’ve chosen to address some issues regarding the upcoming election. I laid out issues I plan to speak on, and am dedicating every Tuesday to the discussion. First, I addressed that Christians need not fear … Continue reading

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Book Review: Beauty and the Mark of the Beast

Beauty and the Mark of the Beast by Committee (though we can largely blame Ted Kluck) Gut Check Press, Kindle edition First, I heard the laughter. Then, I heard the title of the book. Somehow, our Music/Counseling Pastor ran across … Continue reading

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Gilligan’s Island versus LOST

Imagine a show based on survivors trapped on a deserted island. Some of the survivors are smart, some are not. Some are beautiful, some not. Some are pleasant, kind and gentle, others are not. But if those stranded on the … Continue reading

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Please Put Your Chicken Sandwich Back In Its Scabbard

Let me state a couple of things first: There is no fast food I prefer more than a spicy chicken sandwich (no pickle with two slices of pepperjack cheese), waffle fries (with two packets of Chick-fil-a sauce to dip them … Continue reading

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Don’t Surrender Submission

When I first began blogging, I would blog about anything I thought of. Every time an issue seemed to hit “mainstream” with evangelicalism, I thought I’d throw in my voice. But you very quickly learn somethings: There are others who … Continue reading

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Book Review: Killing Calvinism

Killing Calvinism How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside Greg Dutcher pp 111, including endnotes* I saw this book highlighted somewhere (blog, email, website…can’t remember) and thought it looked intriguing. Then John Piper tweeted the following: Piper’s … Continue reading

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Seeing My Sermon Execution

Just recently, we completed a marriage series at Grace. While it is somewhat unusual for our church to do a topical series, I have already blogged about that here. Once the series was completed, I think most people would agree … Continue reading

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Pastor: Be a “Scalabrine”

How many players from the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics can you name? There was the big three: Pierce, Garnett & Allen. There were up and coming stars like Perkins & Rondo. There were even role-player-defenders like James Posey. But … Continue reading

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The Ridiculous Rapid Rate of our Electronic Age

About 6 months ago, a brother emailed me with a question. I answered back after about four hours, and he replied with, “Thank you for your quick reply.” Already concerned that I left this man waiting for my answer, I … Continue reading

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