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POTUS is Second…At Best

I’m reading through Between Two Worlds by John Stott and ran across these timely quotes: It is such an honourable, important and useful office, that if a man be put into it by God, and made faithful and successful through … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dangerous Calling

Dangerous Calling Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry Paul David Tripp Crossway; 224 pages Review 10/10 I’ve appreciated and benefited from Paul David Tripp’s ministry previously. Our church has shown his video series, “Getting to the Heart of Parenting” … Continue reading

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Pastor Appreciation and Greenville Grace

A few years back, in the basement of the “Hallmark Cards© Headquarters: Subdivision: Christian,” Pastor Appreciation Month was invented. The cynic in me supposes this was an attempt to survive budget cuts at headquarters and retain their small cliche. This … Continue reading

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HP8: Ground Chuck

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HP7: Pastor For Hire

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HP6: Preaching Gone Wrong

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HP5: Friar Fire

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HP4: “Convicted”

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HP3: “Face Two-Face”

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HP2: “Grating Expectations”

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