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To My Beloved Multi-Ethnic Families

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of preaching from Genesis 10-11. (Sermon audio: here) In the midst of the message, I expressed the difference between race and ethnicity. Race sets strong boundary marks. You are born in a … Continue reading

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Book Review: God Redeeming His Bride

God Redeeming His Bride A Handbook for Church Discipline Robert K Cheong Christian Focus; 309 pages (including appendices) To say that Cheong has written one of the greatest modern books regarding church discipline can be simultaneously overwhelming and underwhelming. The … Continue reading

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Churches Are Like Quarterbacks: 2 Is Less Than 1

If a little of something is good, then a lot of something must be even better. Such is the thinking for most things, from In-N-Out Burger to football quarterbacks. It should make sense. A good thing, plus another good thing, … Continue reading

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