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NBA Jam: 2019/20 Preview Edition

I was never a big video gamer. This meant that fantasy-style games were not really fun to me (obvious exception: Mario Kart), and technical, realistic games (like NBA 2K series) were too difficult for me. But NBAJam met all the … Continue reading

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Questions (and some answers) About Communion

As previously announced, we have decided to have our Good Friday Communion on Good Friday (4/3 @6:30pm). However, we are doing some things a little differently this time, and I’ve received a number of questions…so I thought I’d tackle them … Continue reading

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Book Review: Everyone’s a Theologian

Everyone’s a Theologian An Introduction to Systematic Theology RC Sproul Reformation Trust; 335 pages I own a few different systematic theologies. Most of them are “bug killers.” Imagine the scariest bug possible is in your room. Reach for a book. If … Continue reading

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Why I’m Growing Proud…and I’m OK With It

About a month ago, both of my youngest children received similar recognition from their school. My wife and I were informed by letters that came to us. Like any parent, when the letter arrives “To the parents of…” and the … Continue reading

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Book Review: PROOF

PROOF The Intoxicating Joy of God’s Grace Daniel Montgomery & Timothy Paul Jones Zondervan; 170 pages Disclaimer: As part of the Sojourn Network, I readily acknowledge that my observations will not be without bias. I love the Network, and appreciate … Continue reading

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To My Beloved Multi-Ethnic Families

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of preaching from Genesis 10-11. (Sermon audio: here) In the midst of the message, I expressed the difference between race and ethnicity. Race sets strong boundary marks. You are born in a … Continue reading

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A Greater Grace than Discovery

Though I debate more than I probably should, I really don’t know the rules to “formal debate.” This means I won’t be turning in a scorecard for the Nye v Ham debate. I would imagine that creationists generally think Ham … Continue reading

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Elder Leadership Class

Greenville Grace will be offering another “Elder Leadership Study.” This class if required for any man at Grace who would want to become an elder, but is highly recommended for all men. It’s a great study to help you understand … Continue reading

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Book Review: God Redeeming His Bride

God Redeeming His Bride A Handbook for Church Discipline Robert K Cheong Christian Focus; 309 pages (including appendices) To say that Cheong has written one of the greatest modern books regarding church discipline can be simultaneously overwhelming and underwhelming. The … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Biblical Counseling Movement after Adams

The Biblical Counseling Movement after Adams Heath Lambert Crossway; 170 pages In 1970, Jay Adams wrote Competent to Counsel. This book began what has come to be called the Biblical Counseling Movement. The name of the movement seems innocent enough, … Continue reading

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