Why Growing Gray?

Gray hairs…We cover them. We ignore them. We dye them, cut them, pluck them and deny them. We do everything we can to ignore that simple truth that we are growing older.

Unfortunately, this often means we neglect our opportunity to mentor or train others. Since we do not consider ourselves to be growing older, we leave those younger on their own to figure it out.

Well, recently I’ve noticed that my gray simply can’t be hidden. The sides of my head are practically salt-n-pepper and their is a gray tuft right in the front. I can’t even grow a good beard anymore, as more and more hoary hairs keep cropping up.

Born in 76. Married in 97. First entered the ministry in 97. First of four kids came in 2002. Been the Teaching Pastor of our church since 2006. There’s just not a lot of experience there yet…but there is some.

I pray that the gray represents growth; that with each day I am seeing sanctification take place, not regression.

I pray that the gray represents experiences, both successes and failures, that can benefit others.

I pray that the gray may even mean that I’m becoming more like my dad.