Book Review: Finally Free

Finally Freefinally-free-lambert_0
Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace
Heath Lambert
Zondervan; 174 pages

The best book you’re going to read on overcoming porn.

Really, the review could be over. That’s all you need to know. But it wouldn’t be much of a review unless I told you why I thought this book was so powerful.

Gospel Driven
If someone were to ask me, “What do you mean by gospel-driven?” this book could serve as Exhibit A. Lambert first establishes that grace as the foundation for fighting pornography. He then develops that the same grace that saves a person (justifies) is the grace that works in their life to change them (sanctifies). This does not mean that strategy and effort are not employed. Lambert states: “Every strategy you employ in your fight for purity must be grounded in the grace of God in Christ if it is to lead to lasting freedom” (15). He presents God’s grace and our need to fight without contradiction. The two should not be seen as enemies (grace and effort) but as allies, with grace leading the charge.

One reason Lambert does not find himself caught in contradictions or constantly having to modify his statements is because his strategy genuinely flows from grace. He employs eight different topics that flow from grace:

  1. Understanding Godly Sorrow
  2. Using Real Accountability
  3. Taking Radical Measures
  4. Understanding Confession
  5. Using your Spouse (or your singleness)
  6. Using Humility
  7. Using Gratitude
  8. Your Dynamic Relationship with Jesus

Each of these measures flow straight from the gospel and do not stray from it. They continue to be driven from the application of the work of Christ on our behalf!

Practical Application
Lambert is the Executive Director of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, (formerly called NANC). Lambert has also written The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams, which I have not read, but feel like I just saw modeled. Lambert does a great job of keeping grace at the center, but also giving very practical application. Each chapter ends with application and/or questions. Usually, I’m tempted to scan right over these. However, Lambert’s fuel discussions in counseling, and even allow a reader to work through issues in private, if necessary. I would think they would work ideally for two men studying this book together.

Because his practical application flows from the gospel, you can pretty much start with any chapter. When a man approaches me about this issue, I typically will start with Chapter 4 (and then go back to the beginning of the book) and encourage him to have his wife read the Appendix (Help for Families and Friends of Men Struggling with Pornography).

Because pornography is so accessible, so subtle and so destructive, it’s tempting to feel like it is the juggernaut that will tear our churches apart. However, after reading Lambert’s book I had a spring in my step. Our churches surely can win the battle over porn, and the battle is one in the application of the gospel!

I highly, highly recommend this book!


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