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The End of (The) Kings

Today, at Grace, we finish our series through 1 & 2 Kings. We started the series on November 6, 2011. This means we have covered: 47 Chapters 40 Sermons 2 Kings of “Unified Israel” (David & Solomon) 19 Kings of … Continue reading

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Everything But the Kitchen Sync

Happy Election Day! (If you are like me, you’re primarily glad it’s over. I’m ready to go back to wondering if commercials are approved or not.) This is my final post in a series on politics and Christian faith. So … Continue reading

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POTUS is Second…At Best

I’m reading through Between Two Worlds by John Stott and ran across these timely quotes: It is such an honourable, important and useful office, that if a man be put into it by God, and made faithful and successful through … Continue reading

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