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Of Kings and “Old Glory”

I know a couple of my brothers in the Sojourn Network are planning to tackle the subject of politics in the next couple of weeks. Obviously, with the election coming up this November (you may have heard a little about … Continue reading

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Book Review: Gospel and Kingdom

Gospel and Kingdom Graeme Goldworthy Paternoster, 148 pages I received this little book for free while attending Together for the Gospel. About a month later, my wife and I were traveling together. Since she was totally engrossed in The Hunger … Continue reading

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Book Review: Continuity and Discontinuity

Continuity and Discontinuity Perspectives on the Relationship Between the Old and New Testaments John S. Feinberg, editor Crossway, 323 pages I recently whined to one of my coaches/mentors that I wasn’t 100% sure what was meant by dispensational and covenantal. … Continue reading

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Gilligan’s Island versus LOST

Imagine a show based on survivors trapped on a deserted island. Some of the survivors are smart, some are not. Some are beautiful, some not. Some are pleasant, kind and gentle, others are not. But if those stranded on the … Continue reading

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