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Why I’m Pulling for Tebow

While the media decries all the talk about Tim Tebow, it should be noted that sports media hosts are the ones who determine their radio topics. “I’m tired of talking about Tim Tebow!” radio host cry, stomp their feet, and … Continue reading

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Premier Help Needed

Though I am not really athletic, I have always enjoyed playing and watching sports. Even when I watch a game between two teams I don’t care about, I always find myself taking a rooting interest in one side or the … Continue reading

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Christmas Music You’ll Want

I refuse to believe I’m the only one who often feels like he’d rather take a spork to the eye than listen to Christmas music. (And I’m not just talking about the really bad stuff like this, this or this.) … Continue reading

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Does Love Win for Jerry Sandusky?

If you are like me, your heart has broken over the news from Penn State. If you are not aware of the situation, simply go to and look up Sandusky’s name. You will not need to look long before … Continue reading

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From Brother to Brother

I was first introduced to James MacDonald in 2003. He had come to Cedarville University and shared in a chapel service I attended as a guest. While I enjoyed his message very much, I was most impressed with the Q&A … Continue reading

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